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  • New DRAGON Invisible line, 100% invisible
  • High quality , 100% Fluorocarbon material made in Japan for Dragon
  • Ideal for all kinds of artificial fishing
  • Quickly submersible (specific gravity 1.78: 1 of water)
  • 100% invisible (refraction of light same as water)
  • Low elongation
  • Zero water absorption
  • Very high resistance to abrasion and abrasions
  • High knot strength
  • It does not lose its properties even after a long period of use
  • Available from No 0.12mm to 0.74mm in 20 meter spools
No. mm0.
Test Kg1.251.501.902.353.053.503.954.605.456.30
No. mm0.3250.3450.3850.4150.450.500.550.600.640.700.74
Test Kg7.007.909.4511.1011.8012.7015.4017.9020.5022.9025.30
Weight0,03 kg


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